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"Sølvzilla" 305mm kiritsuke gyuto

"Sølvzilla" 305mm kiritsuke gyuto

€880.00 Regular Price
€748.00Sale Price
Steel - Damasteel RWL34 Stainless, forged
Blade Length - 305mm cutting edge
Blade Height - 63mm at heel
Weight - 383 grams
Blade Taper - 4.8mm at heel to 2.1mm halfway to .6mm at tip
Grind - convex transitioning to a fine walkschliff grind approx halfway down the blade
Balance - directly on choil
Handle Construction -heirloom-fit jewel-faceted copper bolster - pitted texture solid aluminium wa-handle
Sharpening - sharpened by hand on a series of whetstones at a fine 12 degree angle per side, finished on a super fine ~10,000 grit natural stone with final edge polish on a leather strop 
A true beast from all angles.  My words to inspire this design were 'destruction and bling,' as godzilla made from silver might exude. Forged from the beautifully fine-grained RWL34 powder metallurgy stainless steel, I set out to create something that had powerful geometry, delivering beast-like cutting performance and dramatic aesthetics.  The forged distal taper is something you don't often find in a steel like this, and gives the blade amazing versatility.  The heel has a lot more steel supporting it and can handle any demanding cuts to be made, whilst the tip is a very fine convex walkschliff that is strong, agile and precise.  The handle was pre-shaped solid aluminium that was then textured with pitted old farm-machinery parts, and is super comfortable and grippy.  The tapering hammer marks on the blade tell the story of hot steel (destruction) and leave a trail all the way to the tip. While the clean ground edge will be fully stainless and benefits from the high-hardness and fine-grain of the RWL34, I would recommend treating this knife more like a high-carbon knife because of the forged finish.  As with any high-end knife, simply rinse with hot water and dry well immediately after use and all will be well!  This knife is definitely for the bold.  

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