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"Bal" 170mm S-grind Bunka - Nordic Dusk Series

"Bal" 170mm S-grind Bunka - Nordic Dusk Series


Nordic Dusk Series - This concept arose from my desire to create something simultaneously rustic and vast.  I love drawing inspiration from natural landscapes, this one coming directly from my time in Norway.  There are few places more vast yet somehow cozy.  With these knives I wanted to create something vast and cold with the look of the dusky blade, yet still have them feel like each one had a story to tell with it's visible birch dowel and slightly different accent wood.  I hope these inspire you to cook heartily and cozy up by the fire.  


This is an absolute laser, with an exceptionally hollow s-grind section,  it feels super light in the hand.  It will be a joy to wield.  


  • Hand-forged 52100 high carbon steel with a rustic dusky etch and coffee patina
  • Visible black birch dowel at handle/blade junction for yet more rustic charm
  • Black stabilised hornbeam with red stabilised spalted birch and nickel spacers
  • 140g overall weight
  • 63mm blade height at heel
  • Distal taper - 3.5mm to 2.4mm half to 1.1 at k-tip
  • Balance is just in front of the handle junction at the ricasso

Payment Methods:
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-your name/shipping address in the body - first come first served
Shipping calc. and added after claim.  Payment due straight away. 

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