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"Reoite" 235mm gyuto

"Reoite" 235mm gyuto



Steel - In-house 7 layer ApexUltra core w/ ni / high carbon bleed layer/ 304 Stainless each side

Blade Length - 235mmcutting edge

Blade Height - 63mm at heel

Weight - 206 grams

Blade Taper - distal taper 4.4mm at heel to 2.2 halfway to .9mm near tip

Grind - convex grind with walkschliff spine 

Balance - 15mm forward of choil

Handle Construction - heirloom-fit geometric blue-jean micarta bolster - nickel spacer - stabilised blue/purple wavy maple

Sharpening - sharpened by hand on a series of whetstones at a fine 12 degree angle per side, finished on a super fine ~10,000 grit natural stone with final edge polish on a leather strop 



                 TO OWN IT:


-Subject: "knife name" + 'claimed'
and your name/shipping address in the body - first come first served 
-Shipping calc. and added after claim.  Payment due straight away. 

Payment Methods:
Bank Transfer, Revolut, Zelle, Paypal

EU shipping incures no other charges.  Depending on your country and the price thresholds you may be responsible for import charges.

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