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"Skygger" 210mm ApexUltra Crescent Gyuto

"Skygger" 210mm ApexUltra Crescent Gyuto


Combining this design, steel, and handle I hope achieves a balance of both simplicity and incredible depth.  In both aesthetics and performance, this knife desires the peak.  A very high heel and a fine tip leave the cutting possibilities wide-open.  The grind compliments the hand-forged initial beveling to create a convex lower bevel that is incredibly thin behind the edge.  There are many fine details I enjoyed putting into this that I think unveil themselves the longer the knife is in the hand. Like the rugged hand-forged damascus cladding being kissed with a touch of temper coloring, or the almost cousin-like colors of the mango wood and the damascus.  From the moment I etched this one, it felt like it was well-traveled.


  • In-house forged 27 layer steel, ApexUltra core at 66hrc w/nickel shim and damascus cladding
  • Heirloom-fit geometric 304 stainless steel bolster
  • Exhibition-grade stabilised black curly mango
  • 214g overall weight
  • 66mm heel height
  • distal taper 3.7mm to 2.5mm halfway to 1.2mm at k-tip
  • balance on choil

Payment Methods:
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-your name/shipping address in the body - first come first served
Shipping calc. and added after claim.  Payment due straight away. 

EU shipping incures no other charges.  Depending on your country and the price thresholds you may be responsible for import charges.

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