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"Fiain" 195mm ApexUltra k-tip Gyuto

"Fiain" 195mm ApexUltra k-tip Gyuto


A strong, nimble, and compact working wild horse! Super thin behind the edge yet nice forged shoulders that taper down from the spine give the knife a satisfying weightiness that will guide your cuts.  The grind transitions to a walkschliff towards the tip which gives the tip a bit more strength while still increasing its agility.  


  • In-house forged Kyu-mai (9-layer) Feral pattern - ApexUltra core at 66hrc ni/1095/ni/1095 cladding each side
  • Black jean micarta and nickel sunburst with stabilised masur birch
  • 186g overall weight
  • 56mm heel height
  • distal taper 3.4mm to 2.6mm halfway to 1mm at k-tip
  • balance a hair in front of choil

Payment Methods:
Revolut, Zelle, Paypal

To purchase: email
-subject - "knife name" + 'claimed'
-your name/shipping address in the body - first come first served
Shipping calc. and added after claim.  Payment due straight away. 

EU shipping incures no other charges.  Depending on your country and the price thresholds you may be responsible for import charges.

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